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Phytoceramides + Biotin - Vitamins to stimulate for hair growth regeneration

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  • Pure phytoceramides PCD extracted from rice + biotin + vitamins + antioxidants & nutrients formulated for improving and restoring cellular health. Designed for protection from hair loss and revitalization of hair follicles.
  • Extensive clinical research approved by Japanese FDA has shown rice phytoceramides PCD is the most potent type of phytoceramides for improving and protecting vitality of hair follicles and other skin cells - 10x superior to all other types of phytoceramides on market.
  • Biotin slows down hair loss and restore health of hair follicles by improving keratin infrastructure.
  • Phytoceramides PCD works on cellular level by accelerating natural ceramics production in cells, enhancing strength of cell plasma membrane and stabilizing cellular lipid platform.
  • MADE in USA in FDA inspected GMP certified facilities. Cruelty free. No alcohol, parabens or sulfates. Safe for all skin types.

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