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Electric callus remover - Dermatology tools - Pedi perfect wet & dry, diamond crystal, ergonomic design, rechargeable, cordless, dual speed, 1 coarse and 1 massager head - spa results

  • CALLUS FREE SOFT FEET IN MINUTES: Gentle on your feet.  Remove callus and dry skin effortlessly.  No more cracked heels.  Only silky smooth skin.
  • USE IT IN SHOWER OR BATH.  IT'S WATERPROOF.  Specially designed roller works equally well on wet and dry feet.
  • DUAL SPEED to fit your skin type and your preference.
  • ERGONOMIC SOFT TOUCH HANDLE:  easy to hold and comfortable to use.
  • RECHARGEABLE with USB cable; easy and convenient.


Millions of American already know the secret of silky smooth feet.  Discover the latest new improved design of Versa Skin Care's electronic callus remover.

Versa Skin Care's advanced design includes the following important features:

  • Most powerful motor among competing products.
  • Advanced roller design with finely ground diamond crystals.
  • Battery operated or powered with USB cable.
  • Ergonomic soft touch handle makes this product easy and comfortable to remove the dead skin from feet and cracked heels.

Ergonomic soft touch handle makes this product easy and comfortable to remove the dead skin from feet and cracked heels.

This product package contains:

  1. Callus remover
  2. Two spare rollers.
  3. Cleansing brush

Your feet deserve to have silky smooth skin.  Treat your feet.  Click "Add to Cart" now!



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Product Description

More than 3 million people already know the feeling of feet so silky smooth that you can’t help but touch them. Discover the latest innovation from Amopé. The new Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File goes where no Amope electric foot file has gone before; in the shower. This electric foot file is waterproof so you can get tackle your dry feet and cracked heels in the shower or while in the bath tub. It's specifically designed roller head works on hard skin with ease to give you that perfect pedi look. The Amope Foot File is also rechargeable so there is no need to change out batteries. Simply place it on the rechargeable docking station, plug in the outlet (recommended for min. 3 hours), and your new favorite pedicure tool will have a full charge for your next use. You can continually file for over 20 minutes which will be plenty of time to smooth out your hard skin and cracked heels. The Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry also features another new first; a dual speed system that gives you the option to choose the best speed setting to remove the dead skin from feet and cracked heels. Pack contents: 1 Rechargeable Foot File, 1 Regular Coarse Roller Head, Charging Station with wall plug.


Love the cute look of those strappy sandals but wouldn't dare let anyone see your calluses and the rough patches on your feet? You could visit the salon multiple times to get that skin scraped away, but who has the time and the money for that? At home, you can spend hours rubbing at your feet with pumice or manual files and shavers, but you're likely to just end up with raw, red skin and a sore, aching wrist.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to get silky, soft feet that you'll be proud to flaunt all summer long and beyond.

Naturalico Callus Remover is a foot exfoliation tool that gently lifts away dead skin and minimizes calluses. Less abrasive and much faster than manual files and pumice stones, the tool costs less than what you'd pay for professional pedicures to remove that unsightly skin.

With its powerful motor, our foot file spins a full 360° at speeds of 40 turns per second. That's faster than competitors' tools and means you'll remove more skin every second. The built-in 1200 Mah battery can be charged more than 1,000 times during its lifetime. First fully charge the device for 8 hours, and then you can use it continuously for up to 40 minutes. Red light indicator will turn on during the charge, and indicator light will turn to Green light when the charge is Full.

There are two speeds from which to choose for customizing treatment. Plus, our file is rechargeable, sparing you the cost and the planet the waste of replacement batteries.

Completely transform your feet from rough and unsightly to smooth and stunning. Get ready to flaunt pretty feet this sandal season. Order the Naturalico Callus Remover today!



Enjoy Smoother, Softer, And More Beautiful Looking Feet In Seconds!
Scrub away rough calluses, file away dead, dry skin, and give your feet the ultimate make over with our Lilan Fache Callus Remover

It does this by incorporating a diamond encrusted head:
•Quickly remove tough, stubborn, and unsightly calluses
•Gently clear away dead, dry, and rough skin

Did you know 75% of Americans experience foot health problems at one point or another in their lifetime?

And did you also know that women have 4X as many foot problems as men?

ThatÕs why itÕs so important to pamper your feet the same way you do your face, body, and hands.
Just a few seconds a day is all it takes to

•IMPROVE YOUR FOOT HEALTH by scrubbing away nasty callus and allowing new, youthful skin to grow
•BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE instantly with smoother, softer, sexier feet
•PUT AND END TO EMBARRASSING MOMENTS in bed, at yoga, or around the house — now you can show off your feet everywhere

Experience the difference and purchase the Lilan Fache Callus Remover _ NOW

You will receive:
•(1) Ergonomic Hand Held Unit
•(2) Diamond incrusted Heads
•(2) Protective Cap
USB recharging cord
Cleaning Brush

Enjoy a Spa Quality Pedicure for Summer at Just a Fraction of the Cost